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I help students excel to and through college!

You may be thinking by now that this sounds great, but why should you invest in my services when you have perfectly good (and often free/included in your fees) services at your college?


Graduation Hat Throw
Person Conducting Science Test


  • College learning environment

  • Study Skills

  • Test anxiety

  • Working with professors


If a school offers additional help, I prioritize teaching students college navigation. I will make sure you are aware of and understand how to connect with important resources such as Career Services, Disability Services, and more.  


While many colleges have excellent student support resources, many suffer from being understaffed, have high turnover rates, and limited access. In addition, colleges are just plain hard to navigate - often requiring multiple offices to solve an issue. 

Think of me as your college GPS - able to identify various pathways and assist with guiding the most efficient and beneficial path with minimal "re-routes". (Unfortunately, there is no option to select an accent!)

Woman and Dog on Hike


  • Independent living

  • Purpose, motivation &        goal-setting

  • Mental health and self-care

  • Growth mindset and resilience


Studying on the Grass


  • Finding your people

  • Clubs and organizations

  • Relating to roommates

  • Dating & relationships




  • Internship advising

  • Graduate school preparation

  • Cover letters & resumes

  • Research/study abroad experiences


A not-so-fun fact:

The Real Deal

Everyone knows that college is expensive, and increasingly so each year. Why add to that expense with my college success consulting services? Precisely because college is so expensive! 


According to a U. S. Department of Education study of students in 4-year colleges, only 39 percent graduated in four years, 59 percent in six. About 40 percent dropout. 


The cost of dropping out, changing majors, and/or not graduating on time is high. An example—students who are working toward a bachelorʼs degree lose in earnings, on average, $57,000 (in 2019 dollars) for each additional year it takes to finish their degree. (Source)

Invest in your Student's Success

Here is the great news: The US Census Bureau indicates that lifetime earnings for a college graduate exceed those of non-degree earners by $1 million.


Given the research, it only makes sense to invest in your (or your student's) success by working with me. With the student owning the process, I will guide them to maximize opportunities and overcome challenges. Contact me to get started! 

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